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your gut microbiome is at the core of your well being.


Your Health

Up to 905 all disease can be traced back In someway to the gut and the health of The microbiome


Your Digestion

With 70-80% of immune cells being present in the gut, there is an intricate interplay between the intestinal microbiota and the local muscosal immune system


Your Metabolism

Gut microbiome has a big impact on metabolism. An analysis of the bacteria in our gut can predict obesity with an accuracy of more than 90%.


Your Mood

Your gut produces about 95% of the happiness hormone-serotonin. It plays a vital role in the communication between your gut and brain.

from India with love.

Quality. never negotiated.
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Indulge in our premium herbal teas, where quality is non-negotiable and taste is never compromised. Explore our sustainable farming practices.

The Trinity Of Ayurved

Kapha Dosha

Aligned with water and earth, Kapha embodies heaviness, stability, and coolness. It oversees structure and lubrication, like strong bones and mucus production.

Vata Dosha

Associated with air and ether, Vata embodies qualities of mobility, lightness, and coldness. It governs movement, breathing, and nerves.

Pitta Dosha

Representing fire and water, Pitta embodies heat, intensity, and transformation. It governs digestion and metabolism.

Pack of Eight

Perfect blend of natural & organic herbs to kick-start your day in the most health-promising way!

Quality Matters

Learn ways to make your ordinary health regime delicious. Cut & pour the tasteful bliss and please your taste buds in the most promising way!

A gift full
of good health!

We believe in sharing good habits and to continue with this habit, we at Shistaka, bring classic offers to share health, love & memories with a cup of tea!

Customers Reviews

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Pranjal Mehta

Yoga Combo

these teas make me feel calm and balanced also helps with my gut health.

Aakash Mashrumwala

Artist combo

A combination of these three shistaka teas lead to better sleep and productivity throughout the day and better sleep at night.

Kalindi Agrawal

Spirituality combo

love that the packaging has chakras of the body its what made me buy the product, very nice branding and packaging.

Jignesh Gandhi

Weight control combo

My dietitian suggested me shistaka herbal tea as a milk tea replacement during my weight loss journey.

Kalpana Juneja

Immunity Builder Combo

– I bought this combo because during covid pandemic immunity is very important.

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