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The world needs love

When Man Started Chasing A Dream, He Ended Up Chasing A Debacle. Where Profits Came At The Cost Of Environment And Growth At The Cost Of Health. High Time We Took Notes From Our Predecessors And Spread Some Love Among Humans. Because At The End Of It All, Love Will Keep Us Alive, As Eagles, That Amazing Band From The 80s Sang.

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From Prosperity to Wellness

We chased what was close to our hearts, a business model that did not just talk about the material prosperity but true wellness from within that lets you experience the world in all its beauty.

The Secret of Ayurveda in the taste of tea

The secret of SHISTAKA is deeply rooted in Ayurveda, the Indian science of wellness and healing. We are a certified organic tea brand offering an exquisite range of the finest quality natural and organic herbal teas. Our tea leaves are procured from the luscious tea estates of the Nilgiris, and we take pride in having formulated teas that use healing herbs that takes care of ailments while also keeping you rejuvenated through the day.

A True Balance of Ancient Wisdon and Modern Wellness

We make teas. But we are more than just that. We are the best of both worlds, where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda romances the modern philosophy of wellness to create a magic that can transform your life forever. Sip a Shistaka, one warm sip of our ethereal potion, and you could truly experience what bliss could be.