Tulsi Brahmi
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Tulsi Brahmi
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Tulsi Brahmi
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Tulsi Brahmi
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Tulsi Brahmi
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Tulsi Brahmi

A perfect blend of organic, nourishing & rich with pleasant herbs; it is the perfect partner to kick-start your day with!
Rs. 897.00 Rs. 600.00


  • Works as Immunity Booster
  • Promotes good digestion & metabolism
  • Rich with antioxidants
  • Promotes calmness & uplifts mood
Tulsi Brahmi

Tulsi Brahmi

Rs. 897.00 Rs. 600.00


Tulsi Brahmi Tea from Shistaka is a super-natural combination of all the best natural & organic ingredients clubbed from the ores of mother earth. Tulsi is a powerful source of antioxidants, it is a natural health supplement, immunity booster & along with that it promotes metabolism as well to keep your beauty in shape. Being the hero ingredient, tulsi tea is all capable of offering you good health & good life.

Brahmi, aka bacopa monnieri, is the perfect compliment for mental & emotional instabilities. A cup of tulsi herbal tea daily eliminates anxiety and stress, enhances memory, and throws out unhealthy toxins from the body. It respects the holy temple present inside the body and reduces elements that can possibly violate it, leaving only healthy & benefitting ingredients behind!

With similar benefits like Tulsi herbal & Brahmi, Gotu Kola, another hero ingredient that works as a health supplement with ample health benefits as well. From an antidepressant to an ingredient that eliminates inflammation, this organic tulsi green tea, along with all other ingredients adds ample value to the Tulsi Brahmi Tea by Shistaka on a broader level.

Why Tulsi Brahma?
  1. Having a cup of Tulsi Brahmi Tea daily can bring out the best health in you.
  2. It keeps stress, anxiety at bay also enhances your cognitive abilities, maintains blood pressure, and keenly takes care of beauty, inside-out.
  3. This herbal-organic tea is the perfect blend of all heavenly ingredients that adds value to your daily life.
  4. Infused with the gold quality of nature, these tiny bags of natural amplifiers satisfy the system of your body and make it work with the digestive system & appetite.
  5. It keeps you fit, healthy and active. More like a friend, a family that cares, Tulsi Brahma
  • Best time to drink Tulsi Brahmi

Tulsi Brahmi is a loaded pack of goodness with enriching nutrients. But when to take the tea for maximum benefits? Doctors advise taking Tulsi Brahmi Tea early in the morning as a priority. Moreover, you can take this refreshing tea at any time of the day, it will give you the same amazing benefits.

  • How to take Tulsi Brahmi

Now that we’ve grasped the significance of Shistaka Turmericlsi Brahmi Tea, it’s time to learn how to make it. It’s quite simple.

  • Simply place one Shistaka Turmeric Tulsi Brahmi Tea bag in a cup and slowly pour boiling water into it.
  • Check that the infusion pack has been in the cup for a minimum of three to five minutes.
  • And your enriching Tulsi Brahmi tea is ready to drink; you can sweeten it if you want!

It pleases your taste buds, makes you feel the essence of nature, and fills the body with magic in just a cup. Keeping it up with the trendy and stylish lifestyle, Tulsi Brahmi is not just a brilliant way of keeping yourself healthy but a pocket-friendly alternative as well. A substitute to your everyday tea, if you haven’t switched to herbal organic tea yet, this is the sign you should ask Tulsi Brahmi to be your partner too!

Why Shistaka?

Although buying organic tea online may have you occupied with second thoughts about the quality & quantity. But to win hearts is what the queen of herbs, tulsi, does and is what Shistaka aims to achieve. With a motive to serve good health packed with taste & elegance, Shistaka strives to be the best original tulsi flavour tea brand. Serving best to the community is the only motto!

Comprehend the missing flavor of life. Bring it back by adding Tulsi Brahmi Herbal Organic tea with original tulsi leaves in your diet. Embrace natural health by growing & glowing with nature. Tulsi and good health are perfect partners and no other element can encourage you to pursue a healthy lifestyle more than tulsi chai. Having nature with class folded in the warmth of care & affection, these Organic Tulsi Tea leaves blended with Brahmi is everything your body needs! Offering heart-pleasing taste that compliments health, buy Tulsi Brahmi tea online and take your step towards a healthy life now!





The flavour of lemon can be described as being aromatic of rose, lavender and pine with a slight note of herbaceous.



The most common ingredient with its unique benefits, helps you fight against viral replication and improves your immunity.



This herb needs no introduction. Aptly titled the ‘Queen of Herbs’, Tulsi could help you enhance your cognitive abilities and reduce stress.


Green tea

This well-known superfood is the perfect ingredient to start your day. Pure and light, it is believed to work its magic against toxins and inflammation.



serving size : 1 infusion bag ( 1.8gm )

serving per box : 25

Carbohydrate (g) 68.34 g / 100g
Energy (Kcal) 358.13 Kcal / 100g
Sugar (g) Nil
Protein (g) 14.29 g / 100g
Fat (g) 3.07 g / 100g

Each 1.8 grams infusion bag contains


*Organic Tulsi ( Ocimum sanctum ) 55.00%
*Organic Brahmi ( Bacopa Monnieri ) 20.00%
*Organic Green Tea ( Camellia Sinensis ) 20.00%
*Organic Gotu Kola ( Centella Asiatica ) 5.00%

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Product reviews

How to Use

The queen of herbs Tulsi combined with potent ginger and zesty lemon mix to create strong

Put one infusion bag in a cup.

Pour just boiled water in a cup.

Keep infusion bag in cup for 3-5 mins.

Add natural Sweentner if Desired.

Go Beyond The Teacup

The queen of herbs Tulsi combined with potent ginger and zesty lemon mix to create strong rejuvenating aroma and flavor served piping hot or chilled to fight off the summer heat.


As a hydrating bath effervescent

Conditioned Hair

As natural hair conditioner

Dark Circles

As warm under-eye mask


Add as a flavorant and herbal spice in cooking